Top 3 Attacks From Knee on Belly

Top 3 Attacks From Knee on Belly

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most miserable positions you can be stuck easily is the knee on belly position. Being stuck at the bottom position gasping for air as your opponent drives their knee into your midsection is no picnic! 

The knee on belly mount provides optimal control and there’s a wide variety of submissions for you to choose from. In this guide, we take a look at the knee on belly and list out some of the top 3 attacks we like from this mount.   

All of the important details of these attacks are listed below. Also, as a bonus, we added a section on how you can defend against knee on belly. Read on for more! 

Attacks from Knee on Belly

How To Hold Knee On Belly?

Before you can attack from knee on belly, you need to know how to hold the position. Here are the important details for holding this position. 

  • Knee positioning: You need to place your knee right in the center of your opponent’s body. This will allow you to control your opponent better and really lay down some heavy pressure.
  • Base Leg positioning: Your base leg positioning is just as important as your knee positioning. Too far or close and your opponent can reverse you or recover guard. Be sure to keep your knee about a shoulder width apart, so you can move easier and control your opponent better. 
  • Good Posture: When holding knee on belly, you have to keep good posture. If you slouch, your opponent can easily reverse you and escape. 

Arm Bar From The Knee Mount

The most common go to submission from knee on belly is an armbar. Your opponent’s natural instinct will be to place their hand on your knee and push it off. When they do this, they expose their arm for the arm bar. 

Your first step is to hook under your opponent’s arm and grab above their elbow. Then you pull their arm up and bring it to your chest. 

With your free hand, you can either palm your opponent’s head or grab their collar if they’re wearing a Gi. Then with their arm and head controlled, you quickly spin around your opponent’s head and be sure to stay low. 

Once you spin around, hug their arm with both arms and pull their arm as you fall to your back. For the finish, keep your knees tight and lift your pressure to lock on the pressure. 

Here is a great video from the Grappling Academy on this technique.

Baseball Bat Choke

The baseball bat choke is one of the most powerful Gi chokes in all of BJJ. One of the best places to set it up is from knee on belly. 

Before you go into knee on belly, you already need to be grabbing the back of your opponent’s collar palm down. Once you have this grip, immediately pop up into knee on belly. 

Next your free hand grabs inside your opponent’s collar palm up right next to your other grip. With your grips set, immediately jump into the north south position. 

Drop your head next to your opponent’s hip to set in the pressure and quickly get the tap. Watch Bernardo Faria go through the steps of the baseball bat choke here.

Brabo Choke

Another powerful choke from knee on belly is the brabo choke with the lapel. From side control, pull out your opponent’s lapel and pass it under their arm to your other hand. 

Once you pass their lapel, immediately pop up into knee on belly. Once you do this, your opponent will immediately turn on their side to take off some of the pressure.  

Doing this gives you the space to pass their lapel to your other hand again with a palm up grip. With your free hand, grab a palm down grip on the other side of your opponent’s neck. 

For the finish, bring your elbows as you pull your opponent into you. Alliance BJJ founder, Fabio Gurgel shows the details for this choke in this video.

How To Defend Against Knee On Belly

Being in knee on belly is a horrible position to be in. Here are some important tips for defending against it. 

  • Connect Elbow and Knee: To prevent from being put in knee on belly altogether, stay on your side and keep your knee and elbow connected. If there isn’t any space open, your opponent can’t pass to the position. 
  • Forearm To Knee: Putting your hand on your opponent’s knee will get you arm barred. This is why you use your forearm instead.  Bridge your hips up, place your forearms inside your opponent’s leg and push it down to recover half guard. 

Final Thoughts

There are other attack options available from knee on belly, but these are probably the 3 of the best. They are simple and super effective!  

The knee on belly is a really useful tool to have in your toolbelt. As a top pressure player, having a solid knee mount game is very advantageous. Its great for top control and great for transitioning into those submissions! Practice holding it down and setting up those subs and your top game will be deadly to deal with!