7 Best Exercises for BJJ for Strength and Conditioning

7 Best Exercises for BJJ for Strength and Conditioning

In any sport or martial art, it is crucial to have some sort of strength and conditioning regimen to improve your game. However, it does not mean that you should focus more on it than the actual sport itself! The best exercises for BJJ are simply done at the mats.

You won’t get better at your jump shot by doing more pushups, you get better by drilling consistently at the basketball court! Similarly, you just don’t simply get better at Jiu Jitsu by doing a ton of burpees. You do so by consistently drilling and rolling with your training partners!

Nothing can simply substitute the hours you have spent drilling those flying triangles and the countless hours of rolling! However, sometimes our busy schedules or our bangled bodies doesn’t allow us to train as much as we want to.

What if you can only make it once or twice a week? In order to maintain or improve your strength and conditioning, you should consider some exercise programs that can benefit you when it’s time to roll on the mats!

Here are a few of the best exercises for BJJ that you could consider adding to your training regime.


There simply is no other workout out there as the squat! It is the one weight lifting exercise that everyone should add to their routine. It works your quads, glutes, core, lower back, and a few other stabilizing muscles. As a Jiu Jitsu practitioner, you consistently use your legs, core, and lower back. It is essential to strengthen these muscles to be successful in this sport.


Trying to get out of someone’s guard can be extremely draining if you don’t have the proper conditioning! Lifting someone’s whole body weight while they try to drag you back down is very challenging. Improve those hamstrings, core, and lower back with some deadlifts. You’ll also get a stronger grip out of it! Add it to your routine, you won’t regret it!


With the consistent grip fighting and pulling one each other’s Gi’s it is important to have strong grips and forearm strength. Adding pullups to your routine can immensely improve your Jiu Jitsu. It not only improves grips and strength, it works on the full upper body and core.


Even though it might be one of the most dreaded workouts out there, burpees are extremely important to add to your arsenal. It adds explosiveness and conditioning to your game. This exercise mimics the sprawl as well so it will definitely improve your takedown defense!

Box Jumps

This workout really improves your explosiveness on the mats. Box jumps improves conditioning and leg strength. Passing someone’s guard or takedowns for instance needs extreme explosiveness. As one of the most explosive workouts, adding box jumps to your workouts can significantly make a difference when your back rolling on the mats!

Interval Sprints

Sprints are simply one of the best alternatives to building stamina and endurance compared to a sparring session. In a live roll, you usually aren’t going a hundred miles an hour throughout the whole session. However, there are times when you do have to use a sudden burst of energy to pass somebody’s guard, escaping a bad position, or transitioning to another position. This is where the sprints come in. By doing a 15-30 second sprint in small intervals, it can mimic that explosiveness you do in your rolls.


Sometimes people try to do the most outrageous types of workouts that they forget about the basics – sit-ups. They are extremely important to add to the routine. During a roll, we put our core and lower back through plenty of strenuous activity. It is essential to have great core and abdominal strength to deal with that pressure! If you get done with a roll and you are having some lower back pain, that’s your body telling you something. Work on those core and ab muscles!


With our consistent busy schedules, it can be difficult to make time to make it to the mats. These are some of the best exercises for BJJ that can both add strength and endurance to your arsenal while you are away from training. Try to add some of these exercises a couple times a week, and you might be surprised on your next roll! You might find yourself to be an explosive stamina machine! Although nothing can truly substitute time on the mats, it certainly can’t hurt having some extra strength and endurance!