What are the Best Submissions from Mount?

What are the Best Submissions from Mount?

The full mount is easily the most dominant position you could be in when it comes to BJJ – or any fight in general! In a street fight, if the fight goes to the ground and your opponent is fully mounted on top of you, you know you are in a heap of trouble! 

best submissions from Mount

However even though it may be a very dominant position to be in, there are a lot of grapplers out there that feel like the mount is a limited position. They feel like though the mount is great for control, it lacks some submission options  

But you’d be surprised! There’s actually more than you’d think! There are some great Best submissions from mount. In this guide, we list out some of the best ones out there. Check them out! 

Best Submissions From Mount

Armbar From Mount

You can do a super tight armbar from the mount that is really easy to do and best submissions from Mount. Women’s MMA pioneer Ronda Rousey was famous for locking in the armbar from the mount.   

First step is to be centered on the opponent’s chest with your knees in tight against the opponent’s sides. Make sure that you’re not giving up any space that the opponent can use to escape. 

Then cross grab the tricep of the arm you want to attack. This grip on the tricep is tight and is hard for the opponent to take back their arm.  

Next come up on your foot that is across from the arm you’re attacking right next to their body. Now before you loop your other leg around the opponent’s head, there’s a few different steps you can do.  

You could palm the opponent’s face, turning them away to prevent them from defending or control the opponent’s opposite wrist. Controlling their opposite arm can prevent the opponent from grabbing their arm and attempt to defend the submission.  

Now you can loop your leg around their head and fall back for your armbar. Remember to keep your knees tight, the leg across their face heavy, have their thumb up, and lift your hips. Highly effective and great option to go to.  

Tristar coach Firas Zahabi shows a great arm bar from mount in this video with a lot of excellent details. 

Keylock/Americana Submission

The keylock/americana is another one of the best submissions from mount. Pick an arm that you want to attack going 2 on 1 against it. Pinning it on the mat right next to their head at around a 90-degree angle.  

Your top hand needs to be grabbing the opponent’s wrist with your arm framed against their head with no space. This helps prevent them from defending the submission attempt.  

The next step is to place your other hand under the opponent’s arm and grab your opposite wrist. A 5-finger grip would be the ideal grip to use when you grab your wrist.  

To get a good crank of your opponent’s shoulder keep your grips close and tight to get the most pressure. Slowly lift up with your grip hand and the opponent should quickly tap to shoulder pressure.  

Watch Renzo Gracie show you how to properly do an americana is this video below. 

Arm Triangle From Mount

Arm triangles from mount might be the best strangulation option from this position. Reach one of your arms around your opponent’s head as you push their opposite arm across their face.   

Then lock your hands together with a Gable grip and place your head right next to their head. Your forehead needs to be touching the ground and need to be ear to ear with your opponent. Not giving any open space to give your opponent the ability to defend your arm triangle.  

You can attempt to finish the submission from mount but going to side control may be a better option. For the finish, slowly squeeze their neck like a snake using your whole body and not just your arms.  

Squeezing with just your arms will gas out your arms and you’ll have no energy to defend if they escape.  

Here is Stephan Kesting to show you how to make your arm triangle even tighter. 

Ezekiel Choke

An Ezekiel Choke is a great option to use, especially when doing Gi Jiu Jitsu. Do the same movement as with the arm triangle and wrap one arm around your opponent’s neck.  

But instead of clasping your hands together, you’re just looping your arm enough to have your hand free. This free hand is the one you’re going to use to grab your other sleeve.  

Bring your other hand next to your hand, so you can grab your sleeve. Now for the last step to set in the choke, loop your top arm across their neck and chop down.   

This chopping motion locks in the Ezekiel Choke making it really tight and uncomfortable. You could also do this submission in No Gi by doing the same steps as doing an RNC. 

Former Bellator middleweight champion Rafael Lovato shows you how to do a great Ezekiel Choke in this video.

Cross Collar Choke

A cross collar choke is an old school submission option from mount that is really good and effective. Place one of your hands in the opponent’s collar right next to their neck.  

Then take your other hand and go under your top grip arm to grab their opposite collar. To set in the choke try bringing your wrists together as you bend your arms inward to get optimal pressure.  

To make this choke work, you have to keep your elbows in tight and not open space with your hands. The motion that chokes the opponent is the same as if you were doing a cable row motion pulling the weight inward.  

There is nobody better to show the finer points of the cross collar choke that all time great Roger Gracie. 

How To Defend Submissions When Fully Mounted

Now it’s always great to know how to attack in a dominant position like the mount. But often times practitioners forget the other side of the equation – how do you defend it? What if you are on the other end of the stick? Just as important to know how to attack, it’s also crucially important to know how to defend submission when you get mounted. 

  • Make Space: When you are mounted the goal is to take space and when you’re mounted the goal is to make space. Once you’re mounted, you have to frame, bridge, and elbow escape in order to make space to escape. These steps are the only way you’ll be able to get out of being mounted.  
  • Arms In/Chin Down: The old rule is an extended limb is a broken limb, so always keep your arms in. Also keep your down to stop your opponent from getting chokes. You won’t be totally out of danger, but you will be able to defend yourself better doing these defenses. 
  • Bridge & roll: A good way to defend submissions from mount is the same way you get out by bridging and rolling. If an opponent attempts a submission like an americana or arm triangle, you can reverse them with a bridge and roll. Hook an arm, then bridge to try and reverse your opponent. 

Final Thoughts

There is a reason mount is one the most dominant positions in grappling. You can control an opponent, while laying down some heavy top pressure.  

We listed the best submissions from mount above and you should really consider adding them to your arsenal.

Once you take the time to drill these submissions, you will be a handful to deal with when you take the mount