Three BJJ Chokes Everybody Should Know By Lachlan Giles

Three BJJ Chokes Everybody Should Know By Lachlan Giles

There's nothing like choking someone out on a match. There's a ton of them out there, but some are just a cut above the rest. In this guide and video presentation, leglock master and ADCC standout Lachlan Giles shares some basic BJJ chokes everybody should know.

With the help of 3x World Champ Bernardo Faria, Giles demonstrates three BJJ chokes everybody should add to their arsenal. Mastering these three basic chokes will significantly escalate your BJJ to another level!

#1 Rear Naked Choke

Almost everyone knows how to do some form of the Rear Naked Choke. Its easily the most famous choke out there. You probably see the RNC pulled off the most in an MMA match.

In the first technique, Giles shows how he sets up his RNC and gives small details that remove any chance of the opponent escaping. (He also says this approach is good for people with shorter arms.)

Giles demonstrates starting off by getting an over and under grip and falls to the underhook side. (Underhook hand on top to protect choke arm.) To stop Faria from escaping, Giles closes his underhook arm to his body and tucks his head next to Bernardo’s removing space.

Lachlan makes a fist with his choke hand and slides it under the chin until he reaches Bernardo’s shoulder blade. He gets that choke hand really deep and protects it with his chin.

To get in position to finish the choke, Giles sits up using the elbow of his underhook arm to base. He locks his hands by reaching the top arm behind Faria’s head and rotating it over the choke hand. 

Choke hand goes on the bicep and he slowly squeezes inward to finish.

Technique Thoughts:

Giles shows great little details to finish a basic RNC here. His method decreases space that the opponent could use to escape in each step. The way he hides his choke hand and lock in the choke also decreases the opponent’s ability to defend it.

#2 Arm In Guillotine

The Guillotine Choke is another one of the most famous chokes with a high finish rate. Typically you'd see this submission finished off without the arm in. 

Lachlan Giles mentions that arm in is harder to finish than a no arm guillotine. But the good thing about this easy entry makes the one arm just as tight!

From a front headlock position, he grabs onto a chin strap and reaches the other arm over to connect his hands. He steps to the side with his outside leg and pulls Bernardo’s head up to tighten his grip.

Giles stresses that this position is where you lock your grips in and not the back. If you try tightening your grip from guard, there’s already space and they’re halfway out already. Very difficult to finish!

To finish, he brings the choke arm elbow down, blocks their hip with his inside leg, and squeezes them in.

Technique Thoughts

Lachlan shows a super easy technique that produces a really tight choke. Setting grips before falling back was a crucial detail he shared. Knowing this set up for basic, yet very effective choke to your BJJ game.

#3 Anaconda Choke

The Anaconda Choke is a great one to add to your arsenal as well - its definitely the most common backup to a defended arm in guillotine. How Giles sets it up is pretty slick too and not overly difficult either. 

Bernardo goes 2 hands on one to stop Lachlan’s guillotine, but he still falls back the same way.

Inside leg blocking the hip and outside leg over to block escape attempts from the other side.

When he realizes the guillotine is not working, he switches his outside foot to a butterfly hook. Giles gets the sweep and ends up in a sort of inverted north/south position.

From there, he kicks his himself up to top position. Lachlan actually does two things here to set the choke. He pushes Bernardo’s arm down on his way up top and pushes it further down by pushing in his triceps. 

For the finish, he reaches his grip hand down and the choke hand connects to his bicep. Then he drops his chest on top of Bernardo’s head and gets the tap.

Technique Thoughts

Again, Lachlan shows little details that make the anaconda choke even better. His two step method to lock their arm in place with your leg and hand increases odds of submission. Also, reaching his grab hand inside to the choke hand makes getting the lock easier.


These are definitely 3 BJJ chokes everybody should know. Though they might some chokes that you probably already know if you've been grappling for a while, the minor intricate details Giles portrays does make a huge difference. 

Lachlan showed some very slick entries and small details that make it easier to finish these chokes. These could be some dangerous weapons in your BJJ game!

Want To Learn More Techniques Like This?

Follow BJJ Fanatics and Bernardo Faria on Youtube. He just released a few videos with Lachlan and also has hours of technique on his pages.