Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Weight Classes Explained

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Weight Classes Explained

Trying to explain Brazilian Jiu Jitsu weight classes can be a little tricky. There are multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organizations that each do things a little different from the others. Well don’t worry about ever getting confused again about different Brazilian Jiu Jitsu weight classes between different organizations again.  

We’re going to lay out all of the weight classes from three of the biggest BJJ organizations in the world "The IBJJF", "UAEBJJF", and "ADCC". We’ll compare each of their weight classes and compare how each does their weigh-ins before competition. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Weight Classes

IBJJF Weight Classes

The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation is the biggest and longest running BJJ organization in the world. A who's who of the best grapplers in the world compete for the IBJJF. 

If you want to be known as one of the best grapplers in the world, then you have to win an IBJJF world title.  

Here is a breakdown of all of their weight classes from adult men, women, juveniles.


IBJJF Adult Men & Men's Masters Gi Weight Divisions

There are a total of 9 adult men and masters Gi weight classes not included open weight. The divisions are as follows:

  • Rooster: 126.5lbs(57.5kg) or below 
  • Light Featherweight: 141lbs(64kg) or below 
  • Featherweight: 154lbs(70kg) or below 
  • Lightweight: 168lbs(76.5kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 181lbs(82.3kg) or below 
  • Medium Heavyweight: 194.5lbs(88.3kg) or below
  • Heavyweight: 207.5lbs(94.3kg) or below 
  • Super Heavyweight: 221lbs(100.5kg) or below 
  • Ultra Heavyweight: 221lbs(100.5kg) or above

(There is also an open weight class that consists of middleweights and up.) 

IBJJF Women's and Women Masters Weight Divisons

For women, there are 6 divisions that adult female grapplers can compete in. They are as follows: 

  • Light Featherweight: 118lbs(53.3kg) or below 
  • Featherweight: 129lbs(58.5kg) or below 
  • Lightweight: 141lbs(64kg) or below
  • Middleweight: 152lbs(69kg) or below 
  • Medium Heavyweight: 163lbs(74kg) or below
  • Heavyweight: 163lbs(74kg) or below 

(There is also an open class that all divisions can compete in.) 

IBJJF Juvenile Boy's Weight Divisions

The juvenile or teen boys divisions are open to all teen boys 16 and under. Their divisions are as followed:

  • Rooster: 118lbs(53.5kg) or below 
  • Light Featherweight: 129lbs(58kg) or below 
  • Featherweight: 141lbs(64kg) or below
  • Lightweight: 152.5lbs(69kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 163.5lbs(74kg) or below
  • Medium Heavyweight: 174.5lbs(79.3kg) or below 
  • Heavyweight: 185.5lbs(84.3kg) or below 
  • Super Heavyweight: 196lbs(89.5kg) or below 
  • Ultra Heavyweight: Above 196lbs(89.5kg) 

(Any weight class can take part in the open weight division.) 

IBJJF Juvenile Girl's Weight Divisions

The juvenile or teen girls divisions are open for all teen girls 16 and under. Their divisions are as followed: 

  • Light Featherweight: 106.5lbs(48.3kg) or below 
  • Featherweight: 116lbs(52.5kg) or below 
  • Lightweight: 125lbs(56.5kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 133.5lbs(60.5kg) or below 
  • Medium Heavy: 144lbs(65kg) or below 
  • Heavyweight: Above 144lbs(65kg)

(All divisions can compete in the open weight division) 

IBJJF Weigh Ins

For both gi and no gi divisions you have to weigh in right before you compete. For those competing in the gi, they have to weigh in with the gi on. If the competitor misses weight, they are immediately disqualified and cannot switch brackets! 

UAEJJF Weight Classes

The United Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation(UAEJJF) is the second biggest BJJ organization in the world behind the IBJJF. Like the IBJJF, they have events all over the world with Gi and NoGi divisions. Some of the best competitors in the world also compete for this great organization. 


UAEJJF Adult Men Weight Classes

What makes UAEJJF different is they have 7 men’s divisions. This is direct from the official UAEJJF site: 

  • Light Feather: 123.5lbs(56kg) or below 
  • Featherweight: 136.5lbs(62kg) or below 
  • Lightweight: 152lbs(69kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 187lbs(85kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 187lbs(85kg) or below  
  • Light Heavyweight: 207lbs(94kg) or below
  • Heavyweight: 264.5lbs(120kg) or below 

UAEJJF Adult Women Weight Classes

The UAEJJF has 5 divisions for adult women and they are as followed:

  • Rooster: 108lbs(49kg) or below
  • Light Featherweight: 121lbs(55kg) or below 
  • Lightweight: 136.5lbs(62kg) or below 
  • Middleweight: 154.5lbs(70kg)
  • Heavyweight: 209.5lbs(95kg) or below 

UAEJJF Weigh-In Rules

The UAEJJF just made a new rule for their weigh-ins. Before it was like the IBJJF for Gi divisions, where you had to weigh in with the Gi on. Since the Gi can add up to 2.2lbs, UAEJJF changed the rule up. Now competitors can weigh in with a transparent shirt and shorts to the knees to be closer to their natural weight. This puts competitors at a much better advantage so they wouldn’t have to cut weight to accommodate for the weight of the Gi.  

ADCC Weight Classes

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling Championship is the biggest NoGi tournament in the world. It takes place every two years and only the best in the world that qualified can compete in the tournament. There are 5 mens divisions and 2 womens divisions not including the absolute division for both. 


ADCC Men's Division

  • 145lb(66kg) or below 
  • 169lb(77kg) or below 
  • 194lbs(88kg) or below 
  • 218lbs(99kg) or below
  • Over 218lbs(99kg) 

(All divisions can compete in the Absolute Division.) 

ADCC Women's Division

  • 132lbs(60kg) or below
  • Over 132lbs(60kg) 

Weigh-ins For The ADCC 

All competitors weigh in the day before the tournament in whatever clothes they’re wearing. Very similar to boxing or MMA style weigh ins, since you can weigh in a day prior, it gives fighters an opportunity to cut weight prior and replenish right afterwards leading up to their match the next day.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we cleared up any confusion you may have had with the weight classes between the top BJJ organizations. There are many BJJ Tournaments out there, each with their own specified ruleset. These are just some of the most famous and prestigious ones out there. Now that you know the weight divisions of each organization it’ll make it easier knowing which division best suits you.   

If you’re planning on competing for the IBJJF or AEJJF make sure to register with both. After you pay the member and registration fees, you will be allowed to compete for them. Good luck! Train Hard! Roll Safe!