Crucifix From Kimura Grip by Adam Wardzinski

Crucifix From Kimura Grip by Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardzinski is one of the best BJJ competitors to date. He is most known for his butterfly guard, but showed us something a bit different in this BJJ Fanatics video.   

In this video, Adam shows us a slick crucifix setup from a kimura grip. We’ll give you step by step instructions on how to do this technique and list key details to remember. 

Crucifix From Kimura Grip

How To Do Crucifix From Kimura Grip

Wardzinski starts the technique from when you already have back control with the kimura grip on one arm. He isn’t in full back control with hooks, but just on the opponent’s back. 

The kimura grip is with one arm going across their neck to reach and grab the opponent’s wrist. With your other hand, go under their arm and grab your wrist to lock in the kimura grip. 

Now you need to raise your opponent up to make space to put in your crucifix. He points out this step would also be used to set up a reverse triangle attempt.  

But the difference being with this technique, you aren’t just going to swing your leg over their arm. Before you do that, you need to take your bottom knee and place it under the opponent’s armpit.  

You do this movement the same time as you loop your other leg around their head. It makes locking in the crucifix much easier. After that, all you have to do is lay back and you’re in the crucifix position! 

Options From The Crucifix 

Adam lists three simple techniques you could do from the crucifix that are easy and only have 1-2 steps. Here are the details below for those three techniques. 

Armlock From The Crucifix

Since you already have the crucifix, there really is only one step to locking in an armlock. Have your locks crossed above the opponent’s elbow and bridge your hips up to lock in the submission. That’s all you have to do to get this submission from crucifix and it’s ridiculously easy.

Collar Choke From The Crucifix

There’s a tight collar choke option from the crucifix you can do in just 2 easy steps. First take your bottom hand and grab the opponent’s wrist to lock it in place.   

Now with your free hand grab the opponent’s collar and lock in a tight choke. From the crucifix, they have no arms to defend the choke making it easy to get the finish. 

Back Take From The Crucifix 

Generally if you have a good position like the crucifix, you don’t want to give it up. But there is a back take option available when you have a crucifix on the opponent.  

If the opponent tries to defend by bridging it opens up space to scoot your hips under them. Just scoot under the open space and get your hooks to secure the back mount. 

Key Details To Remember

If you want to do this crucifix with a kimura grip, you just need to remember one thingdon’t give up space!  

Basically, the only way the opponent can defend this technique is if they have space to escape. So remember to stay tight on the opponent and not give them the opportunity to defend the technique and your golden! 

Final Thoughts

The crucifix is a strong position and the kimura grip Adam shows makes it even tighter. Once you have the position it is incredibly hard for your opponent to escape and defend submission attempts. Get out there and practice the technique, and you’ll be a beast at those kimura-crucifix combos!