How to do the Gogoplata Submission in BJJ

How to do the Gogoplata Submission in BJJ

The Gogoplata is one of those submissions you don’t see very often, but it’s really cool when you see one. It looks like a complex move, but it’s actually quite simple to pull off. Below is a complete breakdown of almost everything about the Gogoplata.

Origins of the Gogoplata

In Judo, there is a similar choke to the Gogoplata taught called the Kagato-Jime. How the choke got its name, because “gogo” in Portuguese is slang for Adam’s apple. It also looks similar to an Omoplata, so that’s how the name Gogoplata was given in BJJ.

In BJJ, the person that takes credit for creating the submission is Nino Schembri. Schembri is known for helping innovate the Omoplata, but claimed to create the choke to go along with Omo. 

“The gogoplata is a variation from the omoplata,” Schembri declared. “I adapted because of my flexibility. As far as I know it is not a judo move, however all things in Brazilian jiu-jitsu connect to judo.”

10th Planet creator, Eddie Bravo also credited Schembri with coming up with the move also. Bravo helped popularize the move with  the Rubber Guard, which is now the most common entry for the Gogoplata.

There are two notable moments of the submission used in MMA. The first being Nick Diaz submitting Takanori Gomi with a Gogoplata in a classic fight at Pride 33. 

Shinya Aoki has 2 wins by Gogoplata. The first being the second ever at Pride Shockwave 2006 and his second being a mounted Gogoplata at Dream 4

How to do the Gogoplata

The Gogoplata is a shin choke, where you use the top of your foot/shin to choke the opponent. It is generally done from guard, but there are a few variations from mount and side control. A Gogoplata is also possible off failed submission attempts like Omoplata and armbar.

Gogoplata off the Omoplata Armlock

The most common way to hit the gogoplata is off the omoplata submission. This is originally how Nino Schembri created the Gogoplata for Jiu Jitsu. You go through the same motions to get an Omoplata by isolating their arm and hooking your leg around it. 

But from here, they may defend your Omoplata attempt by driving forward. When they do this they come right into the Gogoplata.

Grab your foot and place it under the opponent’s chin as they drive forward put your shin under their chin. From here get the submission by grabbing the back of their head and drive their trachea into your shin.

How to do the Gogoplata

Hitting the Gogoplata off an Opponent's Takedown

The Gogoplata can be locked in off an opponent's takedown. This is how Nick Diaz submitted Takanori Gomi in Pride. Gomi drove in for a takedown and left his neck exposed for the Gogoplata.

An opponent with a wrestling background will instinctually keep driving after they get a takedown. You can use this momentum against them by bringing your foot over their head after they complete the takedown. They will walk right into the Gogoplata practically giving it to you!

Here is Nick Diaz showing how he got the Gogoplata on Gomi.

Gogoplata from the Rubber Guard

A common way to get a Gogoplata is from the rubber guard. You are going to start from a common closed guard and then most to mission control. Mission control is grabbing a foot and bringing it behind the opponent’s head.

Next step is called the zombie arm, where you swim under the opponent’s arm and isolate it. From here, you go to a position called the New York position.

You get to this position by bringing your foot over the opponent’s head and clearing it. From there, you reach around their head and grab your foot and bring pressure down on their neck to finish.

10th Planet black belt Brand McCaghren shows the Gogoplata from rubber guard in better detail below.

Gogoplata from Side Control (Off an Armbar Attempt)

Getting a Gogoplata off an armbar from side control is also possible. Either if they’re defending the armbar or by setting up a trap, faking for the armbar attempt. 

Turn your foot that is on their neck outward. To get the Gogoplata from here all you have to do is reach behind their head and grab your foot. For extra power, you can take your other and put it on your heel to drive your shin into their neck!

Gogoplata from the Mount

This is the technique that Shinya Aoki made famous. In mount, the Gogoplata is similar to how you get an Omoplata from mount.

First, get head control and bring your shin on top of their arm stapling it to the floor. This is to prevent them from bridging and rolling.

Then you’re going to overhook their over arm and come up to your foot. Since you took away their other arm and ability to bridge just bring your foot over their neck.

This video shows great details for getting the Gogoplata from mount.

Key Details to Consider

  1. Break Their Posture: In order to make this move work you have to keep their posture broken or they can easily escape.
  2. Limit Space: If there’s any extra space in your technique the move will not work.
  3. Set A Trap: Going straight to Gogoplata hardly ever works, so set traps. Hiding it by going for an Omoplata or armbar are great ideas.


From the look of it, the Gogoplata seems complicated, but it’s actually very simple to get. Keep on drilling these entries for a Gogoplata - you'd be surprised how easy you'd get it in a live roll!

The Gogoplata is a bit of a low percentage move on experienced grapplers, but nevertheless, it is still an effective submission. It works great on wrestlers that tend to overly give pressure without thinking about their neck. You can hit that gogoplata with ease!