Gordon Ryan Reclaims the Throne and Wins Double Gold at ADCC 2019!

Gordon Ryan Reclaims the Throne and Wins Double Gold at ADCC 2019!

As ADCC has come to a close, it was Gordon Ryan that came out victorious once again, reclaiming his throne, winning both the -99Kg Division and the Absolute Division.

ADCC is highly regarded as the biggest grappling event in the world. It attracts only the biggest grappling stars and even attracts some of MMA’s biggest names. It’s sometimes considered as the Olympics for grapplers as it attracts all grappling athletes regardless if you practice wrestling, BJJ, Sambo, MMA, or some other grappling art.

In ADCC 2017, Gordon Ryan defeated Keenan Cornelius in the Finals and won the -88Kg Division. However, he fell short in the Absolute Division as Felipe Pena defeated him in the Finals.

This year, he looked to redeem that loss, and solidify his claim as one of the GOAT’s in No-Gi BJJ.

Gordon Ryan Dominates the - 99kg Division

Ryan cuts through the competition with ease in his division. On Day 1 of the event, he was off to a great start, quickly submitting both Ben Hodginkson and Tim Spriggs via RNC.

In the semi-finals, Ryan went out to face Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa. Team ATOS’ own Barbosa held his own real well against Gordon Ryan. But even Barbosa couldn’t hold him for long as Ryan was able to take his back towards the end of the match, scoring him a 3-0 lead against Barbosa.

In the -99KG Division finals, Gordon Ryan faced off against Vincius Ferreira “Trator” Gazola. Though Gazola was able to defeat Vinny Magalhaes in the Semi’s, he simply couldn’t stop the dominant Ryan. In the end, Gordon Ryan did what he does best, and got into Gazola’s back and got the choke.

ADCC Absolute Division

Gordon Ryan faced Pedro Marinho in the first round of the Absolute Division. He sits to his guard, gets Marinho in his a Single X Guard sweep and finishes him with a heel hook submission. Next up, it was teammate against teammate as Ryan faces a fellow DDS member and mentor Garry Tonon. The match ended quickly as Gordon took Tonon’s back for the choke.

In the Absolute Semi’s we got a little bit of action as King Ryan faced off against Lachlan Giles. Lachlan really tore through his side of the competition as well, even beating the +99Kg ADCC Champ Kaynan Duarte. Both initially going for leg attacks early on in the match. Ryan switched off to some good old pressure passing, shutting down all of Giles’ attempts. The King eventually passed his guard and got to the mount. A few attempts at some submissions from the top, Gordon Ryan switches off to take Giles’ back for the choke.

Gordon Ryan Defeats Buchecha for the ADCC Absolute Division Gold!

At the ADCC Absolute finals, it was set to be a real good match up - New School BJJ vs Traditional BJJ, as Gordon Ryan faces off against Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.

Buchecha is one of the most decorated BJJ fighters of all time, and arguably one of the GOAT’s of his time. He wasn’t going to make it easy for the younger grappling star!

The match started off, with both fighters playing it calm and composed – maybe out of respect, or maybe out of cautiousness? Gordon plays in his butterfly guard, clearly not wanting to risk getting taken down by Buchecha. It was a game of patience and wit as both were hand fighting as Buchecha was looking to pass Ryan’s guard. During this time Buchecha was given a warning from backing up. The round ended and they went into overtime.

Gordon again plays back into his butterfly and tries a few armdrag attempts but easily thwarted by Buchecha. As he backs up again, he gets a penalty and Ryan takes the lead! Looking to catchup on points, Buchecha looked at a few leg lock attempts but sadly wasn’t able to get anything out of it. Time runs out and that’s the end of it! Gordon Ryan defeats Marcus Buchecha Almeida 0 to -1 and wins the Absolute Division!


Gordon Ryan is known for his heavy trash talk in the grappling community, but this weekend, he put his money where his mouth was and put in some work on ADCC 2019!

He went and dominated his division winning 3 out of 4 matches via submission. And in the Absolute division, he yet again defeats 3 out 4 of his opponents by submission. His game was phenomenal, and one of his best performances yet! He was even able to out the legendary Buchecha in the finals.

Getting a double gold in an ADCC tournament is no easy feat, but the young grappler made it so. He has clearly there to cement his claim to being the best No-Gi grappler out there. His performance could set him up for a super fight against the reigning 4x super fight champ Andre Galvao at ADCC 2021.