Jorge Masvidal Defeats Nate Diaz via TKO Doctor Stoppage Earning the BMF Title at UFC 244!

Jorge Masvidal Defeats Nate Diaz via TKO Doctor Stoppage Earning the BMF Title at UFC 244!

Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, UFC 244 headlined two of the most exciting MMA fighters - Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal.

As one of the most anticipated fight card of the year, two fan favorites go against each other for the inaugural BMF Title. In this matchup we will get to see who truly is the Baddest Motherf***ker!

Featuring two of UFC's most ferocious street thugs, we get to see two street gangsters go at it in a 5 Round match inside the Octagon. Per the request of the fighters, the winner of the match will be awarded with the BMF Belt by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself!

Nate Diaz

The Stockton native came back from a 3 year layoff 2 months ago against former lightweight champ Anthony Pettis. Diaz dominated Pettis for three rounds with possibly the best performance of his career! 

After his comeback win, Diaz challenged Masvidal to fight at MSG for the title of “baddest mother f'er in the game.”

Diaz mentions: "There ain't no gangsters in the game anymore but me an him [Masvidal], I know my man's a gangster but he ain't no west coast gangster."

Nate Diaz will look to use his patented Stockton slap boxing style inside the clinch and some of his world class BJJ against Masvidal.

Notable wins: Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone, Anthony Pettis, and Gray Maynard

Jorge "Gamebred Cuban Jesus" Masvidal

Fighter of the year candidate has had the best year of his career after a two year layoff nursing injuries. He returned this year with not one, but two devastating KO’s of top ranked welterweights.

His latest fight, Jorge Masvidal knocked out Olympic Wrestler Ben Askren with first round flying knee to the head. This scored him a record breaking fastest KO in UFC history!

Masvidal is a tough opponent and will try to use his great footwork and superior striking to set up his combos on Diaz.

The Match

Round 1

Masvidal starts the fight faking a flying knee like he did in the Askren fight. Diaz taunts him and Masvidal laughs it off.

Diaz begins pressing the fight throwing punches and they immediately clinch up. Jorge throws a few knees and an elbow that hurts Nate. Diaz ducks down to avoid the elbows, but eats a flush head kick that drops him.

Gamebred begins raining punches down on Diaz, while minding his dangerous guard. Nate recovers, but is bloody from the shots. He lands an upkick to the body, but Jorge taunts and jokingly fakes being hurt and lands some more ground and pound as Diaz tries to keep him off him with his open guard. 

Masvidal then lets Diaz back up to his feet. They clinch up again landing shots with Jorge still getting the better of the exchanges. The round ends with Masvidal dancing away laughing and goading Diaz to fight him.

10-9 Masvidal

Round 2

Before round 2 starts, the cutman for Diaz is cleaning up a nasty one inch cut on his eyebrow. The round starts with Diaz pressing forward trying, but Masvidal counters with lefts hands attempting to re-open the cut.

They’re going back and forth exchanging punches until Jorge lands a nasty body kick and then tries a head kick. Diaz tries to answer landing a one/two, but Jorge lands two huge right hands and another body kick. He drops Diaz again. Again Masvidal cautious of Diaz's guard let's him get up again.

The fight then goes back to the clinch with Diaz landing shot, but Masvidal landing the more powerful shots. Jorge lands some huge left hands to the body and Nate tries to play it off, but he’s hurt again. They start to scramble from the clinch and Masvidal lands a huge slam on Diaz.

It’s towards the end of the round and Diaz is defending punches from his back. He tries to roll out of danger to take top position, but Masvidal stays on top.  Diaz seizing the opportunity and quickly goes for a leglock, but there’s only 10 seconds to go as Jorge laughs it off. The round ends with Masvidal landing more ground n pound.

10-9 Masvidal 

Round 3

Diaz starts the round pressing the fight again throwing punches, but Jorge laughs them off again. They begin exchanging  punches back and forth. Nate is now bleeding profusely from his eye and clinches up again to catch his breath.

As Diaz wipes the blood out of his eyes, Masvidal lands more nasty shots. The cut above Diaz’s eye is now the length of his whole eyebrow. He goes for a trip on Jorge, but fails and Diaz then rolls to the ground.

Masvidal follows him landing more vicious shots. Diaz tries to answer, but eats more nasty elbows as the round ends. The cut is bad above Diaz’s eye and the doctor will definitely be taking a closer look in between rounds.  

10-9 Masvidal

The doctor comes in and takes at Nate’s cut and is concerned with the damage he has taken. Unfortunately, the doctor calls a stop to the fight, putting a short end to the 3 round brawl. The crowd was clearly not happy with the decision is irate with the decision. It was an unfortunate end to a nice brawl!

The Result

This was a highly entertaining fight between two of the most popular fighters in the sport. Nate Diaz showed incredible heart taking shot after shot but never backing down. 

Masvidal was in almost complete control of the whole fight showing superior striking and landing the better shots. Diaz has a tendency to bleed and Jorge implemented a game plan to hurt him.

Jorge had Nate hurt multiple times in the fight and looked to continue this in the fourth before the doctor steps in. This certainly wasn’t how the fans or the fighters wanted the fight to end and neither did Nate Diaz. As the Doctor was concerned for Diaz's safety, the fight was put to an unfortunate end.

Both fighters were open to a rematch and we could see this in the future. This fight fight was great fight to end the fun UFC 244 card.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson awards Masvidal his BMF belt, earning his hard earned Baddest Motherf***er title!

Final Result: Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz via TKO Doctor stoppage at the end of 3 rounds

Jorge Masvidal improves to 35-13(9-6UFC)
Nate Diaz falls to 20-12(15-10 UFC),