Keanu Reeves BJJ Training for John Wick

Keanu Reeves BJJ Training for John Wick

If you’ve seen some of Keanu Reeves’ action movies, you could easily tell that he knows a little bit of martial arts. In the Matrix trilogy, he plays the main protagonist Neo. You may recall a scene where Neo goes: “I know Kung Fu!” Well apparently, that’s not all he knows. Neo knows a little bit of Jiu Jitsu too!

In his most recent trilogy, Keanu Reeves plays John Wick – a retired assassin for hire. As he gets in some trouble with some Russian gangsters, Reeves is forced out of retirement to take care of business. Nicknamed “the boogeyman,” he quickly shows these mobsters that he is a force to be reckoned with! The movie is full of action-packed fight scenes where John Wick utilizes several martial art forms to include a great deal of Jiu Jitsu techniques.

BJJ Blackbelt Rigan Machado mentions: “For me it was the first movie which you see techniques of good martial arts so well put together.”

For the second installation, the Machado brothers oversaw Keanu Reeves  BJJ Training for John Wick 2.

And it isn’t the first time a celebrity got trained by the Machados. Ashton Kutcher and Joe Rogan both trained under Rigan Machado.

With Mixed Martial Arts becoming the staple in fight entertainment, it’d only be a matter of time until it makes it to Hollywood. Keanu Reeves BJJ Training shows – and he does it beautifully! See some of the action below!

Reeves makes quick work of these mobsters and fellow assassins. John Wick 3 is set to come out to theatres in a couple months. With the third installation, Wick is put to the test as he is hunted by the best assassins in his organization. Halle Berry joins in on the action! She’s likely to be going through intense martial arts training camp herself! We are sure to see some high action-packed gun slinging and grappling action!