Nate Diaz Returns to the Octagon In A Big Fashion, Dominating Anthony Pettis in a Unanimous Victory Win!!

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Nate Diaz Returns to the Octagon In A Big Fashion, Dominating Anthony Pettis in a Unanimous Victory Win!!

Nate Diaz Returns to the Octagon at UFC 241 after a 1093 day hiatus. And he does so in a spectacular fashion! Nate Diaz dominated Anthony Pettis, picking him apart for three rounds in a unanimous victory win.  

For many UFC fans, the fight between Nate Diaz and Pettis was the people’s main event. Almost every diehard MMA spectator expected an intriguing bout between these two warriors.

The man who set the score of 1-1 against the former two-division champ Conor McGregor and one of the most entertaining fighters in the history of this sport, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.

This was set to be one hell of a match! Both and excellent strikers and both dominant BJJ grapplers. And these two have a bit of a history – to them this one’s personal.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is a 2nd degree BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie. He comes from Stockton, California. After the win at Warrior Cup Lightweight Championship, Nate fought for WEC title, but Hermes Franca stopped him via armbar. On one occasion, he even tried to dethrone Benson Henderson and take his UFC 155-pound belt, but judges voted for Henderson, who won this combat via unanimous decision.

Nate is a tremendous boxer, a cardio machine, and has got one of the toughest chins in the history of MMA. He can go forward, eat punches, hit you with some trash-talk his opponents during the bout and even flip you off!

He is a master of a triangle choke, armbar, and a guillotine choke. Nate is very dangerous off his back. His most powerful stand-up weapon is a devastating left hand. He may be one of the most controversial fighters and one of the biggest trash talkers the sport has ever seen, but you know Nate Diaz can back it up! The man can scrap!

Submission wins (12) – Conor McGregor, Jim Miller, Takanori Gomi, Marcus Davis, Melvin Guillard, Kurt Pellegrino, Alvin Robinson, Junior Assuncao, Manvel Gamburyan, Dennis Davis, Joe Hurley, Alejandro Garcia

Anthony "Showtime" Pettis

Anthony Pettis is a BJJ black belt under Daniel Wanderley, but his trademarks are outstanding entertaining Taekwondo strikes. Just stay away from his left high kick and Showtime kick, otherwise, you’ll end up in the hospital! Pettis’ ground game is excellent too, especially off his back. He is masterful with the submitting you off his back – he’s got a deadly triangle choke!

Pettis can create a new strike in the split of a second and put you to sleep due to his amazing explosiveness. “Showtime” keeps his hands high all the time.

The former GFS, WEC, and UFC 155-pound champ has recently made a move to Welterweight, where he finished Stephen Thompson with a Superman hook. He’s got some of the most explosive strikes in the game!

Submission wins (9) – Michael Chiesa, Charles Oliveira, Gilbert Melendez, Benson Henderson, Shane Roller, Alex Karalexis, Mike Campbell, Jay Ellis, Michael Skinner

Some Background

These two has got some history – dating all the way back to 2013 when “Showtime” was still the 155-pound champ.

Nate Diaz was set to face off against Pettis back in 2013, but Pettis had to pull out due to a knee injury. Of course the disappointed Diaz comes back and trolls him on social media. This sparked a social media war between the two, calling each other out, hitting where it hurts!

“I was trying to get a fight with him(Pettis) and he was big leaguing me. And then he comes walking by me all cool as the Wheaties box guy.”

“Showtime” challenged  Diaz to settle their beef inside the Octagon.

If you want to fight, let’s sign a contract and we can fight”, said Pettis. “As a martial artist lets settle it in the octagon. Let the world watch so I can embarrass you in front of the world.”

And after six years later, we finally get to settle it right at the Octagon!

The Match

UFC 241 PPV was held this Saturday (August 17, 2019) from inside Honda Center in Anaheim, California, the USA. The bout between the TUF 5 Lightweight winner Nate Diaz and the former UFC and WEC 155-pound king Anthony “Showtime” Pettis co-headlined the event.

The referee in charge of this bout was Mike Beltran. Nate Diaz hasn’t fought for three years. This was the return of one of the most controversial UFC Octagon warriors and he did not disappoint!

Round 1

Early on in the match, Diaz quickly puts on the pressure! Nate moved aggressively towards Pettis from the beginning, trying to shorten his strikes and decrease the range. Nate was moving well around his opponent.

Nate then landed a few quick punches and checked a low kick, then clinched up with Pettis and landed few short punches from close range.

The fighters separated and Nate went for a teep kick but Pettis countered with a high kick. Diaz survived and clinched up again, and even ate a knee of the clinch, but didn’t let “Showtime” go.

Diaz took Pettis down, but Anthony tried to secure a guillotine choke. Pettis had an arm in guillotine but couldn’t finish it off as he didn’t have Diaz in a closed guard. Nate was able to slip out and rained in on some punches from the top. As Pettis evaded and tried to survive the onslaught and turtled up, Diaz looked to take the back and nearly secured a rear-naked choke attempt.which Pettis saved by a world-class transition.

Excellent work by Pettis getting out of the choke and transitioned out of the bad position real nicely. Diaz then tried to finish the bout with ground and pound strikes but Pettis was able to last til the end of the bell.  

Round 2

Strong left hand Pettis, followed by a strong uppercut, but Diaz kept moving forward. His chin is made of steel! As Diaz presses forward, Pettis goes on the attack, chopping down with a nice leg kick. This buckles Diaz momentarily but looked like Pettis got the worse of the exchange.

Diaz continuous to press forward and Pettis attempts to back him off with some more kicks. Pettis missed with a strong left high kick, and Nate countered him with a nice left hand. Nate closed in the distance, clinched again after eating 3-4 strong punches to the head.

Diaz successfully landed a strong right hand to the chin. An elbow from the clinch landed clean for Diaz.  He pushed Pettis towards the cage again. Diaz was completely dominating, picking Pettis apart from inside the clinch. “Showtime” landed one knee until the end of the round, while Diaz was landing short punches and solid knees to the head – not looking good for Pettis!

Round 3

Diaz went for a teep kick, but Pettis fired back with some strong strikes and it quickly escalated into a wild brawl.

Diaz again closes the distance, not letting Anthony Pettis get any momentum. As Diaz backed him on the cage, Pettis countered Diaz with a spinning backfist. That didn’t slow Diaz one bit! He continued pummeling Pettis. As Pettis covered up, Nate went off to his side and landed some clean blows. He landed some solid knees to the head and sent his Showtime to the canvas.

This looked like the end for Pettis as Diaz continued mauling him reigning some nice ground and pound. Pettis skillfully survived the onslaught, covering up and turtled away from the heavy blows!

Diaz tried to take his back, but Pettis transitioned into full guard, and reversed the position to get the top. Nate, now at the bottom, with Pettis inside his full guard attempted a triangle. With no success there, he switched off to look for an Omoplata but Pettis quickly jumps over to the side to defend the submission.

Pettis momentarily was about to get Diaz’ back but quickly shook him off and reversed the position. Pettis was turtled up again covering up against Diaz’ brutal punches from the top. Diaz then looked to take the back to fish for a rear-naked choke, but Pettis protected his neck well and transition to retain his guard.  

The Result

What a spectacular match between these two brawlers. Nate Diaz once again showed why he’s one of the best fighters in the game. Despite his three year hiatus outside of the ring, he was able to come out and dominate the fight!

Pettis who normally could end his fights with some dominant and flashy kicks wasn’t able to get any momentum. Diaz shut Pettis down.

“The Stockton Slugger” certainly lived up to his name with this fight. He turned the fight into a slugfest, dominating and picking Anthony Pettis apart from inside the clinch.

A spectacular performance by Diaz, possibly one of the best matches in Nate’s career. This Stockton star showed some excellent boxing, world-class ground game, and fantastic submission defenses.

Nate Diaz defeats Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision victory

Anthony Pettis drops to 22-9 MMA, 9-8 UFC
Nate Diaz Improves 20-11 MMA, 15-9 UFC

The Conclusion

Even after his 1093 day hiatus outside the Octagon, Nate Diaz in a big fashion dominates Anthony Pettis, picking him apart for three rounds straight. He certainly did not disappoint. Though they may have had their differences in the past, they finally settle it in the Octagon. Nothing but respect after a spectacular performance.

After his UFC241 Victory, Nate quickly looks to defend his crown against another big name in the building – Jorge Masvidal. Jorge nodded several times in approval for the challenge! With Masvidal coming off a quick knockout victory win against Ben Askren, that would certainly be a sight to see!

Will we get to see these two gangsters go at it?!