Roger Gracie Recovers from the COVID-19 Virus

Roger Gracie Recovers from the COVID-19 Virus

Roger Gracie, one of the greatest of all time BJJ practitioners has been reported to have contracted COVID-19. Although it may seem that the coronavirus primarily attacks the elderly, you may want to think twice about that thought. 

Roger Gracie is a ten time world champ, an ADCC champion, and has even competed in MMA. So if you think you are safe from the coronavirus if you are young and healthy, think again! Roger Gracie is an elite athlete and quite arguably the greatest of all time BJJ practitioner and even he contracted the virus pretty badly!

Roger, who has been living in England for a few years now, caught the novel coronavirus in March. Luckily after 10 days fighting the virus, he has successfully recovered.

In an interview with Combate, Roger Gracie mentions: "The disease really affects the most fragile, the oldest, but also other people. You cannot neglect it. It’s not a joke.”

I was scared when it didn't get better. On the eighth day I was worried, because I thought I was getting better, the fever went down. The next day, she came back violent, I felt very weak, strange. Each person feels different. Most have a cold. My girlfriend also took it, stayed four days with 38 or 39 degrees of fever, weak, with body pain and passed. My fever was 40 degrees. I coughed all the time, what destroys is the fever, which goes up there.

The retired 38 year old Roger Gracie warns this virus is not to be taken lightly. It does affect people differently. Roger's girlfriend also contracted the virus but not as bad as the former ADCC champ. Both have successfully recovered now. He shares his story to raise awareness in hopes that people take this ailment seriously - as he says, it's no joke!