Shin Sweep From Deep Half Guard And Mount By CVBJJ Online

Shin Sweep From Deep Half Guard And Mount By CVBJJ Online

The Deep Half Guard is a half guard used by many advanced guard players in BJJ. There’s many types of sweeps you can do from this position and the shin sweep is one of the best. One of the best things about the shin sweeps is you can also use it if you get mounted.  

CVBJJ Online has a great technique video on how to do the shin sweep with Professor Anthony Mantanona. Check out this breakdown on how to do the shin sweep with some different variations! 

What is Deep Half Guard?

Before we get into the technique let us explain deep half guard for those newer to BJJ. The Deep half guard is a variation of the half guard where you slide your body under your opponent. You’re hugging one hip/leg with one arm, while having half guard on their other leg. This position is great for sweeps and reversals as it compromises the opponents base. 

Deep Half guard

The Shin Sweep From Deep Half Guard

The first step for the shin sweep is getting into deep half guard. Start with a knee shield to make space, so you can slide in and take deep half guard.  

Hook under the opponent’s leg and pull yourself into deep half. Professor Mantanona stresses that you hide your hand behind the opponent’s knee. This is to prevent them from grabbing your arm and defending your sweep attempt.  

Then use your back foot to pass the opponent’s leg to your front foot to push them forward. You just gave them mount, so you’re going to need to get your grips fast to complete the sweep.  

Grab both of their sleeves and do a bicep ride on their far arm either with your foot or knee. Use that knee with your grips to sweep the opponent backwards.  

For the last part to pass guard grab a cross collar grip and do a double under pass. 

The Shin Sweep From Mount

You can do that same shin sweep as a counter or trap when you get mounted. As soon as they get mount immediately hook inside their far foot with yours and move into deep half.  

The steps to get the sweeps are now exactly the same as the first option. Move their foot, get your grips, bicep ride, and sweep them over. 

What If You Can't Get The Grips?

Sometimes an opponent will lift their hands up and take away the opportunity to get sleeve grips. Not to worry, the sweep is still possible using the opponent’s lapels.  

Pull their lapels from out of their belt and take your grips. You can’t do a bicep ride since they took their arm away, so you’re going to use their lapel.  

Now with your knee or feet in the opponent’s lapel sweep them the same way as if you had sleeves. 

The Shin Sweep To Armlock

There is a really slick armlock that you can get off of this sweep that’s really simple. Go through the same steps to get deep half guard and get your sweep.  

When you sweep them over instead of just passing guard, you go for the armlock. After you sweep the opponent over, you’re going to keep the sleeve grip. Use this grip to lift their arm up and slide ride in for the armlock. 

Sweep Options from the Dismount

Sometimes a crafty opponent will dismount out of deep half by looping their leg over your head. When they defend like this it actually opens up the opportunity for other sweeps. 

First, grab a grip on their pants and grab the back of their collar with your other hand. Your first sweep option is to bridge to take them up and over.  

The second sweep is if they defend the first sweep sitting their weight back. Shrimp/elbow escape out and pull them to the ground. 

Sweep option three opens up when you bump up, the opponent turns to their knees. All you have to do is follow them by running up and drive them back to the mat. 

Sweep Options From The Knee Cut

The next group of sweeps are possible when the opponent is knee cutting on you to pass guard. As soon as they pass reach under them and grab the same pant grip along with the collar grip.  

You have the same sweep options available here as if the opponent dismounts. Either sweep them forward, backwards, or run up on them depending on how they react. 

Shin Sweep Options From The Knee Cut

Some Key Details To Consider With The Shin Sweep

There are three important details you need to remember with these shin sweep options. Grips, timing, and going with the motion of your opponent. 

  • Grips:  Your grips are everything with these techniques. Make sure to have the right grips or these sweeps will not work.. 
  • Timing:  When the Opportunity to sweep the opponent happens, you gotta act fast. Timing is everything with these sweeps, so be sure to get your timing down. 
  • Flow With Your Opponent: What makes these sweeps so effective is that they use the opponent's momentum against them. If they defend one way it opens the door to sweep them another way. Always go with the motion of your opponent

Final Thoughts

This shin sweep series that CVBJJ shows here in their latest video is super effective. They involve minimal effort to sweep the opponent and each have a counter to an opponent's defenses.  

If you're a guard player that loves using the deep half guard this is a sweep series for you! You can sweep your opponent in every direction no matter if they’re defending deep half or attempting to pass guard.