Sit Up Escape vs Side Control by Marcelo Garcia

Sit Up Escape vs Side Control by Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia is back with another great technique video. This time, he is showing his patented sit up escape vs side control. 

This side control escape is a fantastic technique to use when you’re up against an aggressive passing opponent. Marcelo does an excellent job in detail what makes the sit up escape is such a great technique. Check it out!

What is the Sit Up Escape

The Sit Up Escape is a different type of side control escape Marcelo Garcia uses. It's an immediate and effective way of getting out of a potentially bad position. Great for when you’re against an aggressive opponent trying to take side control.

The Technique

This technique starts as soon as the opponent attempts to move to side control. Immediately, you have to make a frame on their head and sit up.

One arm is framed on the opponent’s head and your other hand bases behind you.  For the last step, you simply have to pull your feet in away from the opponent and stand up.

When you’re back on your feet, you can then start to work for takedowns to get into a dominant position. The sit up escape is super effective and a quick technique to get you out of a bad position!

Sit Up Escape vs Normal Elbow Escape/Shrimping

What makes the sit up escape great is that it's quick and super effective against aggressive opponents. Normal elbow escaping is a great technique in its own right, and can be effective as well - but when you're dealing with aggressive opponents, it can get tiring real quick!

You can be stuck in a constant circular battle with your opponent always pressing as you're trying to make space. Sometimes you’ll get out or sometimes you’ll tire out and they’ll eventually get the pass - and you're stuck in bottom side control - not fun. 

With the sit up escape it is immediate and less strenuous trying to battle to escape side control. As soon as they start passing to side control and BAM! Do the sit up escape and you're out!

Key Details to Remember

Like with everything Marcelo shows, he goes into every single detail of the technique to make sure you understand it. Here are the key details of the sit up escape he goes over.

The Sit Up: As soon as the opponent starts to attempt passing to side control, you gotta sit up. You have to act fast and sit up. Otherwise, you will miss the opening to the move and have to go to traditional elbow escaping to try and get out.

The Frame: The frame is everything with the sit up escape. It is what makes the sit up escape possible. By framing, you’re keeping the space between you and your opponent open to make your mistake possible.

Even when you get up, you need to keep the frame on them. This frame can help set up your takedowns or in Marcelo’s case set up one of his world famous guillotine chokes.

Also if you start to lose the frame don’t worry about it. Just swim motion to an overhook on their arm and start working on getting to a better position.

Base Hand: Your base hand is also a very important detail you can’t forget. It is the anchor that keeps you up after you sit up.

Without your base hand, the opponent will easily put you on your back and control you. So remember after you sit up to lock that base hand behind you to give yourself the ability to get up.

Move Your Legs Away: The placement of your legs is important to remember if you want to successfully get out. Marcelo shows that you have to move your feet away from the opponent before you try to get up.

You do this because if the opponent can grab your legs it will prevent you from getting up. Move your legs away from the opponent, so you can stand up without any problems.


Marcelo Garcia is one of the best grapplers and coaches of all time. In every technique he shows, Marcelo tells you every single detail you need to know to make the move effective.

He has done the same here with demonstrating his patented sit up escape. This escape addresses the problem of an aggressive guard passing opponent by simply sitting up to escape.

This technique is simple, effective, and one you should definitely consider. Check out the video here to see all of the details of this easy technique.