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Keenan Cornelius Closes Down Legion AJJ to Prevent the Rampant Spread of the Coronavirus

Due to the recent Coronavirus Pandemic that has been taking the world by storm, many sports organizations like the NBA and the NCAA has been taking their fair share of steps to avoid the rampant spread

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Crush Your Opponents Down With the Side Smash with Keenan Cornelius

Passing someone's guard can get pretty challenging - especially against long and lanky guard players. They can push you off with their legs and keep you at a distance, right where they want you. One way

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The Diesel Squeezel – A Super Effective Guillotine Choke Variation by Keenan Cornelius

“Nobody slips out of the Diesel Squeezel.”- Keenan CorneliusOn recent episodes of his podcast, BJJ World Champ Keenan Cornelius would bring up a technique he called “the Diesel Squeezel.” It’s

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