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Gordon “The King” Ryan – BJJ No Gi Grappling’s Best American Athlete

Having the nickname “The King” holds a lot of weight. It means that you are one of the best at what you do. Gordon King Ryan has done more than enough to earn that nickname. He is a multi time world

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How To Do The Bulldog Choke

The bulldog choke is one of those chokes you don’t normally see in competition. It’s definitely a rare sight to see. You only see it every now and then, but when you do everyone talks about it.The

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The Victors Roll – A BJJ Technique Everyone Should Learn by Garry Tonon

In one of the latest series of videos from BJJ Fanatics, they have Garry Tonon showing his favorite techniques. In this video, Garry is showing a BJJ technique takedown Garry uses quite often - the Victors

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