Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Review

Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Review

Tatami Fightwear is one of the leading manufacturers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear. From BJJ Gi’s to No Gi rash guards, BJJ Fight Shorts, regular leisurewear, or to anything in between, Tatami provides its customers high quality gear to a wide range of its customer base. They have the primary goal of providing its customers quality innovative products at affordable prices. Sponsoring some of the world’s best BJJ athletes like Robson Moura, JT Torres, and Vitor Ribeiro, you know they design only some of the best in the market. In this review, we take a look at the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi, one of Tatami’s best selling and affordable Gi’s in the market!

Technical Features Summary

  • 425 GSM Single Weave Fabric 
  • 10 oz Twill cotton material gi trousers
  • Triple Reinforced Stitching on high stress areas
  • Rubberized Collar Design
  • Form Fitted Taper Design

Material Features 

The Tatami Nova BJJ Gi is a lightweight gi designed with a 425 GSM Single Weave fabric. It’s unique High-Tech Weave Jacket design features a rubberized collar to provide maximum durability and protection. The collar is designed to prevent sweat and features bacteria absorption properties.

Tatami’s BJJ Gi Trousers are made up of a 10 oz Cotton Twill material. This has an excellent weight balance, not too light that it feels flimsy but not too heavy that it slows you down during your rolls.

The pants are equipped with double reinforced knee padding for additional support and comfort. It features a triple stitching across all stress points to ensure maximum dexterity. So although this might be a Single Weave design Gi, its super reinforcement ensures that you have great durability in your uniform.

Probably the best feature for the Tatami Nova Gi is the ultra-light anti abrasion feel to it. This means you can wear the gi without risks of rubbing abrasions or rashes if you aren’t wearing a No Gi Rash Guard.

Design Features 

The Tatami Nova BJJ Gi is old school. It’s plain and simple. Just like any beginner BJJ Gi, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles in terms of style.

The Gi features the signature Tatami Fightwear logo embroidered on the full length of both shoulders. These same embroideries are featured on each side of the thighs of the Gi trousers.

The Gi trousers are equipped with a nice rope drawstring which allows for fast and much more secured tightening to keep your pants on during your matches.  

Another excellent feature for the BJJ Gi Uniform is that it has an excellent form fitted taper design. It conforms to your body real nice. This makes it an excellent choice for slender and athletic built competitors. For stockier built and heavy-set practitioners, you might have issues with sizing.

Tatami Nova BJJ Gi

Just like any other BJJ Gi for beginners, you might have to double check your sizing to ensure your sizing fits properly. This GI is reported to be quite snug even after just the first wash. It might be wise to get a size bigger to accommodate for this shrinkage!

The Tatami Nova BJJ Gi  is 100% IBJJF competition qualified. The design is featured in traditional BJJ colors: white, blue, and black.  


The Tatami Nova BJJ Gi is an excellent choice for a starter Gi. If you are on a tight budget and are looking at BJJ Gi’s for under 100, you can’t go wrong with Tatami’s Basic Nova Gi. It has everything you would need in a Gi uniform.


  • Comes with a FREE White Belt!
  • Abrasion Resistant Material for maximum comfort and feel
  • Rubberized Collar designed with sweat and bacteria absorption
  • Form Fitted Taper Design for improved fit and comfort


  • Not great for stocky built competitors
  • Shrinks a good bit after washing
  • Mild Popping on weaker stiched seams
  • Only equipped with two belt loops

Some issues with the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi is that it does have the reported shrinkage after wash. As a tighter snug fit gi to begin with, it might cause some sizing issues. It might be better to get a size bigger. This Gi is excellent for lankier and tall competitors as opposed to larger set folks. So, if you are on the bigger side, it might be better to pick a larger Gi like a Hayabusa Lightweight Gi or a Fuji All Around Gi.

Another slight issue is that some of the stitching seem to pop off on the weaker seams after heavy use. This is to be expected for a Single Weave Gi, but luckily it doesn’t affect the Gi’s performance. It can still take a beating!

Other than that, the Nova is an excellent choice for a Gi. Whether you are a beginner looking for your first Gi, or an experienced vet looking to add another Gi to your rotation, you can’t go wrong with the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi. The tapered fit, the triple stitched seams, and the overall simplistic and sleek look, this one is a great choice for sure.

With the overall quality and comfort you get out of the Basic Tatami Nova, you certainly get your money’s worth!