The Hidden Collar Guillotine By Professor Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes

The Hidden Collar Guillotine By Professor Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes

Generally, when you’re defending a takedown, there are two counter options. Rotate to the back or set up some type of choke. One that's particularly famous is setting up the guillotine choke right off the takedown attempt. It's possibly one of the very first chokes you'll be learning as its one of the simplest yet effective chokes out there. 

Just like other moves in BJJ, the guillotine choke has several variations to it. And some variations are more effective than other depending on your opponent. One thing about he guillotine though, is that it is much more used in a No-Gi or MMA setting. It is much more difficult to pull of with the Gi. 

For the Gi, one effective way to make the guillotine more effective, Professor Draculino here shows a unique collar choke option here he calls “the hidden collar guillotine.” This choke is an excellent variation for the guillotine by using the Gi. 

How to Set Up the Hidden Collar Guillotine

Setting up the hidden collar guillotine starts from an opponent grabbing both of your legs.  You could get in this position be from a takedown, sweep attempt, or from the guard/half-guard. Before starting the setup for the choke, you need to address the takedown.

Starting from the sprawled position, you need to start by blocking their hips to defend the takedown. Now, you can start to get your grips to set up the choke.

Since this is in Gi, Draculino wants to use the opponent's Gi to defend the takedown. One hand will be placed on the opponent’s belt palm down pushing down. Draculino notes that you need to turn your shoulder inward to straighten the arm to block their hips.

The other hand is going under their neck grabbing a 4 finger collar grip palm down similar to a guillotine. 

How to Finish the Choke

To finish the Hidden Collar Guillotine, you first have to make some minor adjustments to secure the choke. First off, you will have to take the hand off the belt and move it to grab the collar grip under choke hand. He details that your hands must be like you’re holding a sword. If the hands aren’t in a line, then the sub won’t work.

Generally collar chokes are finished from the opposite side, but the hidden collar guillotine is finished on the same side. The grips leave an opening for the opponent to move their head out.

People may assume they’re safe after moving their head, but they actually just go deeper into the choke!

Toes go on the ground raising your hip off the mat moving to the side of your choke hand. Place your hip on the side of their neck, extending your elbows in, and drop your hip down to finish. You want to try and make their ear touch their shoulder to finish the choke.

Final Thoughts

The hidden collar guillotine is super effective and works the same way as a clock choke. By giving your opponent the space to move their head out, they’re actually going into the choke.

Collar chokes from here are usually finished on the opposite side, so it is very nice to have a same side option. This guillotine choke variation is super tight! It'll literally feel like your head is being squeezed off! The hidden collar guillotine is a nice sneaky little choke to add to your choke sub-arsenal. Not a lot know about it - yet. Use it to your advantage and catch your unsuspecting opponents with it!

Professor Draculino gives great detail in this super effective submission. See the video down below to see it in action and go out and drill it!

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