The Victors Roll – A BJJ Technique Everyone Should Learn by Garry Tonon

The Victors Roll – A BJJ Technique Everyone Should Learn by Garry Tonon

In one of the latest series of videos from BJJ Fanatics, they have Garry Tonon showing his favorite techniques. In this video, Garry is showing a BJJ technique takedown Garry uses quite often - the Victors Roll

What is the Victors Roll?

In most BJJ competitions it is highly illegal to do scissor takedowns. This type of take down is extremely dangerous as it can really injure your opponent badly if you aren't careful. The Victors roll is actually very legal and is shown to be quite an effective technique!

The Victors roll is a takedown, where you grab your opponent’s leg and take them down by front rolling. You end up in the same cross Ashi Garami position as you would with a scissor takedown. The difference is you don’t run the risk of landing on your opponent’s knee and hurting them.

How to do the Technique

This technique is very simple and only has a few easy steps. The first step in getting the Victors roll is setting it up from standing.

From standing, you have to establish a clinch or collar tie on your opponent. The key to this clinch is breaking the posture of the opponent. If they are standing straight when you attempt the Victors roll it will not work.

What Garry shows in the video is that he baits the opponent by faking a takedown. He’ll touch the opponent’s legs acting like he’s going for a single leg to get them to defend.

When they defend the takedown this breaks their posture opening up a collar tie to keep it broken. From here, you turn and expose your back to the opponent and take a back step.

Now, the opponent’s leg is between your legs. Reach down to grab hold of their leg and commit to a front roll to complete the Roll.

Very easy technique to do and you just have to commit to it.

Tip for the Victors Roll

There are a few key things to think about when performing the Victors Roll properly. Before attempting the technique, here are some key tips to think about.

Break Their Posture: In order to do the Victors roll, you have to first break the opponent’s posture. If they aren’t bent over with you controlling their head, the technique won’t work.

Keep Their Leg Between Yours: When you turn and backstep, the opponent’s leg must be between your legs. You have to be in the position to control their leg before you roll.

Commit To The Roll: To do the Victors roll correctly, you need to commit to the roll. If you don’t commit to the roll, you will end up stacked with the opponent on top laying down pressure.

Great Move for Leglockers!

This technique is a great entry for grapplers that love to work leg locks. Once you complete the roll, you are now in position for leg entanglements to take a foot or leg lock.

Garry Tonon constantly uses this move in competition and before him Sakuraba used this move in MMA matches. 


The Victors roll is a technique that every grappler should know. It is a very simple technique to complete and leaves you in a great position.

This technique is also great to mix in with your takedowns. If the opponent is defending your traditional takedowns, then clinch up and give the Victors roll a try!