How to do the Twister in BJJ

How to do the Twister in BJJ

When you think about Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet BJJ team, there are two specific techniques that come to mind. The rubber guard and of course the twister.

The twister has gained quite a bit of popularity since Eddie Bravo began developing the move. Let’s take a deep dive into Bravo’s signature move and show just how to do the twister in BJJ. We’ll detail everything from how he came up with the move and to do it.

How to do Twister in BJJ

Origins of the Twister in BJJ

Eddie Bravo is the grappler credited with coming up with the move in 1999 when he was still a blue belt. In reality, the twister has actually been around for years used in freestyle wrestling as a pin.

It was known as the wrestler’s guillotine and it was a move that Eddie learned when he did high school wrestling. Bravo saw the potential the move had and began integrating how to effectively use it in BJJ. 

Once he began hitting the move in practice, Eddie then decided to try in competition. Although at these competitions, the move was met with a bit of controversy. Many of these competitions weren’t sure if the move was legal, but eventually it started becoming okay to use.

Here is Eddie himself breaking down the history of the move in the intro to his twister instructional.

Easiest way to do the Twister in BJJ

There’s a lot of different lingo that Eddie uses to describe the set up and positions to get to the twister. It can be a little complicated to grasp, so here’s the most simple way to do the move.

You start in back control, where you have both hooks on your opponent. The set up comes from when the opponent starts defending and maybe removes a hook.

When they do this, triangle your legs around the leg you still have and scoot down a bit. You do this to gain better control over your opponent’s leg and it makes the triangle tighter.

From this position, you go to a position called the Truck. This is where you underhook the opponent’s near arm and control it. You go to this position first, because you need to establish control over your opponent before going for the twister.

With their leg and arm controlled, you lift their arm up and swim your head/legs through. Once you pass under their arm, all you do is S grip around their head and torque their head to finish.

Torquing their head this way, while you control their legs puts immense pressure on the opponent’s spine. Your opponent is stuck and has no choice, but to tap.

Here is Stephan Kesting breaking down this easy set up.

The original twister setup

The original setup for the twister that Eddie came up with was from the turtle position. The same as a ride position in amateur wrestling.

In this position you have your chest on your opponent’s back and grabbing their hip for control. You start your twister setup by hooking their near leg with your outside leg and triangle it for control.

Once you triangle their leg, you reach over to grab their other leg and pull them into the truck position. There are numerous submissions from the truck, but the first in the series is the twister.

Grab double underhooks on your opponent’s near arm and swim your head under it. Just like the first technique detailed.

From there grab your S grip around your opponent’s head and finish the twister.

Twister Side Control in BJJ

Twister side control is another must know technique if you want to fully unlock the potential of the submission.  From side control you move to reverse kesa-gatame, where you're facing your opponent’s legs.

This is a trap to get your opponent to turn into you and bring their far leg close towards you. As they bring their far leg near you to defend, you have to establish control over it.

First use your hand to plant it on the ground, then hook it with your outside leg and stretch them out. You do this immobilize them before hooking their leg with your inside foot and triangle their leg.

After you triangle your legs, you’re going to front roll over them right into the truck position. Once you’re in the truck position, you go through the same finishing sequence to get the twister.

Here’s the master of the twister himself demonstrating the twister side control in BJJ.

Final Thoughts

This was just an entry in the twister system that Eddie Bravo developed. Even from just the truck position, there are numerous other possible submissions you can get.

The twister has come a long way and those crazy grappling geniuses over at 10th Planet are always innovating the move. It’s a fantastic move that provides optimal control over an opponent and can be set up from nearly anywhere. 

If you’re looking for a new technique to add to your game with numerous entries this is the one to learn!