Venum Contender 1.0 BJJ Gi Review

Venum Contender 1.0 BJJ Gi Review

Whether you are new to the world of BJJ or you are a more seasoned practitioner, then you should know how unique the Venum Brand is – and rightly so.

Venum's brand has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the martial arts industry. From state of the line BJJ Gi’s, first-grade Boxing gloves, mouth guards, and many others - they've got a variety of products to choose from. 

In this guide, we take a look at one of Venum's most famous Gi - their first edition of the Venum Contender BJJ Gi series. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and in this article, we offer a complete rundown of why the Venum Contender BJJ Gi is one of our top choices for Venum BJJ Gi's.

Due to its astonishing technical advantages and superb quality, the Venum Contender 1.0 gained breathtaking popularity in the BJJ world – so much so, the Venum brand decided to release the Venum Contender BJJ Gi 1.0 - take a look below!

Technical Features

  • 350 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • EVA Foam Collar for maximum durability
  • Optimal Moisture Management Material
  • 230 GSM 100% Cotton Trousers with Reinforced Slots
  • 100% IBJJF Approved

Material Features

As you become increasingly experienced in Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll realize the material of your Gi has a significant effect on your overall performance. The Venum Contender Gi gives you a remarkable advantage over your opponent due to its functionality, durability and impressive combination of style. The Venum Gi is superbly designed with exquisite detail attached to every seam.

Venum Contender BJJ Gi 1.0

The beautiful Gi is made from the ultra-lightweight and sturdy Pearl weave Gi. The pearl weave is one of the most common materials used for a BJJ Gi, and for good reason! The reinforced material provides extra protection and comfort during heavy training sessions. It's got a durable structure, without so much compromising the overall weight of the uniform. 

Venum uses a soft EVA foam for the collar of the Venum Contender 1.0. The spectacular collar removes that disadvantage and makes gripping you extremely difficult. It also acts as a superior reinforcement and maintains its shape during washing, especially since excessive washing can damage or disfigure collars.

This is incredibly important since the jacket of the Gi can lose its structure, and won’t sit well on the shoulder if the collar becomes deformed or damaged - so definite plus there to be sure!

Design Features

One of the most appealing features of Venum 1.0 is its simple design. The beautiful Gi boasts of moderate and warm designs, so if you’re in the market for a Gi with enormous designs and a little more style, then the Venum Contender is probably not for you.

This doesn’t necessarily have to bad news, the Venum BJJ Gi boasts of several superior features, so if you have your heart set on the notable Contender 1.0, the trick is adding your patterns and designs to beautify your Gi. It's got a nice tapered professional cut to it too, a nice overall look and feel. 

Venum Contender BJJ Gi 1.0

If you’re into sleek and simple designs, you’ve hit the jackpot with the Contender 1.0. The fierce Venum logo design is on the left lapel of the BJJ Gi. If you’re planning on entering a competition, the clean and sturdy Gi is a perfect choice. Whether you choose to stick with the minimal and bold design on the Gi, or you decide to make some improvements to suit your style, the Venum Contender is an excellent choice for a BJJ Gi.

It's offered in your traditional BJJ colors: White, Blue, and Black.


If you’re a beginner in the world of BJJ Gi, or you’ve been on the mat for some time, this Gi can provide you your first beginner Gi or one for everyday use. The Venum Contender 1.0 is the perfect blend of durability, quality and functionality. It boasts of several distinctive features, such as its pearl cotton weave, a remarkable feature that lets you roll longer and harder than ever before.


  • Clean and simplistic design
  • Extremely durable and super reinforced trousers
  • Ultra Lightweight Gi - perfect for everyday use!
  • EVA Foam Collar 


  • Shrinks quite a bit after washing
  • Pants run a bit small - maybe better to get a size up!

The Venum Contender 1.0 is our preferred BJJ Gi, while other Gi’s are great, the fantastic benefits Venum provide with this Gi make our choice almost unarguable. Its increased level of comfort, breathability, and its perfectly cut slim design makes it the irresistible choice, especially for the price!

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